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Ankle Roll


You want more distance off of your tee shot or more power from your full swings.


Work on maintaining your balance and rhythm as you create a smooth weight shift.


Test this drill yourself and see if it adds a little distance to your shots. If you swing with both feet planted on the ground throughout the entire swing, it makes it more difficult to make a full turn during the backswing and forward swing. Instead, allow your leading ankle to roll towards your trailing foot during your backswing. Roll your leading ankle a little towards the target as you begin your forward swing. Now to create even more acceleration into the ball, allow your trailing ankle to roll towards the target once your hands begin to approach the ball. This will help your weight shift forward just before impact for a greater clubhead speed. It is okay to allow your heel to lift off of the ground during the follow through but only if your swing and turn is great enough to cause this to happen naturally. If you force your heels up, it can create errors in your swing.

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Nick Shaw | 7 years ago, mid-July

Is there a particular drill I may be able to practice on the driving range to help recieve musle memory.

Michael Ringland | 7 years ago, mid-July

Please, if you can't turn work with that, to slide your ankle begins a set of problems based on a faulty move. If you slide your ankle joint you CANT rotate, and the move makes your centre of mass unpredictable. Stretch your thoracic spine properly by preventing your hips rotating while you feel the thoracic stretch. Do it sitting down to lock your hips. See someone to properly stretch your hips (especially left)

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