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Awkward Shank


Your swing feels awkward and you are suddenly shanking the ball.


Check your setup to see if it is causing you to hit a shank. Players that shank the ball often have too much weight placed on their heels. Make sure you have enough knee flex because if you are standing too tall at setup, this will also cause you to shank the ball. Keep in mind that crowding the ball at address could also cause you to hit a shank.


If you feel that your setup is good yet you are still shanking the ball, try videotaping your swing or have a friend watch it closely. Look to see if you start to lean towards the ball or are pushing your arms away from your body at any point during your swing. It might help to concentrate more on the trailing hand position because it is common for players to shove this hand forward as they attempt to hit down on the ball and shank it.

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