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Back for Distance


You want to hit the ball further off of the tee box.


Try shifting more weight back, onto your trailing leg.


The longer the club and shot at play, the more you should set your weight onto the trailing leg. If you are playing a short shot, you would only want nearly an equal amount of body weight placed on both of your legs with just a little more on the back leg. Whereas, when you are trying to play a really long drive, you should place 70 percent of your body weight on the trailing leg.

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Helmi | 9 years ago, at the start of January

I would think that more body weight should be shifted to the leading leg. The modern "stack-and-tilt" methodology also promotes more weight on the leading leg. To prove my point, take a brick, tie it to a string and swing it around your body. Ypu will find that you can swing it faster by moving you weight to you leading leg.

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