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Ball Below the Feet


You are setting up to the ball and discovered that the ball is below your feet.


The key to accomplishing this shot is to allow your arms to swing faster to help compensate for the slow movement of your legs.


Move your hands towards the butt of the club to help compensate for this lie. Bend a little more at the knees than usual. Avoid tilting your body towards the ball by placing more weight on your heels. Swing along the slope with a faster arm speed through impact and continue to accelerate well into your follow through. Although this shot will feel a bit odd, it is important that you maintain your setup position throughout the swing.

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Bill | 7 years ago, at the end of January

So, does this help compensate for the tendency for the ball to fly to the outside or does that still happen? Also, I imagine there is a loss of distance. Any idea how much?

Golf Medic | 7 years ago, at the end of January

You can still expect to have a slight fade. As for a loss of distance, that would really depend on the severity of the lie and if it can be sufficiently compensated for. On the whole, you should some expect to lose some distance, but practicing this tip should give you a better idea of how much.

Jeff | 5 years ago, at the end of July

I've found that a more closed stance in these situations helps to straighten out the ball flight.

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