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Below Your Feet


You know the proper set up for when the ball is below your feet yet the ball still does not fly as it should.


Your legs move slower in this position because of trying to maintain you balance. In order to compensate for this, you will need to accelerate your arms much faster.


As you probably know already, you need to plan on having a bit of a fade. Adjust your aim to reduce or increase this effect. What is also often overlooked in this situation is that players tend to lose their knee flex near contact. So focus on trying to keep your knees level all the way into finish.

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Justin | 8 years ago, at the start of September

What about bending from the hips rather than from the knees?

Nicco | 8 years ago, at the start of September

I guess it depends on the severity of the slope. If you bend from the hips too much because the ball is much lower than your feet, then you will lose your turning ability. If you do increase your hip bend instead of your knee bend, make sure you do it so your butt is sticking way out to help keep your weight centered so you don't fall down the hill in the middle of your swing.

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