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Body Alignment


You cannot seem to find your correct alignment without laying a club down in front of you or your body at address.


You could simply check the alignment of your hips and shoulders with the clubshaft part of your routine before setting up to the ball. However, it could become embarrassing as you start playing with more experienced players. Instead, practice visualizing your ball flight from behind the ball and use this line to help aid you with alignment at setup.


Take a minute before setting up to the ball and look at your lie from behind the ball. Visualize your target line from the ball all the way to the target and back again to the ball. Pick a spot along this line that is only a club length away from the ball and use this as your alignment. If you still feel uncertain about your line, look at your target and follow an invisible line from your target to your spot then continue it through your ball. This will help you visualize your target line across the ball and the alignment of our feet, hips, and shoulders accordingly.

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Bill | 6 years ago, mid-March

using that spot a yard in front of the ball has become part of my pre shot routine, and now it takes very little time and helps me feel confident of my alignment and more confidence in my shots, also helping me to relax and focus on visualizing the shot rather than my swing mechanics.

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