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Brace Your Weight


You have been hitting the ball fat, topping, pulling, or slicing the ball and you need more power.


Make sure you are not taking the club back too quickly. It will cause a series of swing errors, starting with an improper weight shift. Your feet may even lift off of the ground a little and cause you to think that you are losing your balance.


Then your whole body will tighten and restrict your turn and arm movements. Practice taking the club back slowly. It is important to gradually increase the speed of your swing so that the fastest point of your swing is during the upswing, about 7 inches past the ball. This does not mean that the faster you whip the club back that the faster the clubhead will be moving at impact. A momentary pause at the top of the backswing should occur and this may not happen if you are overswinging the club. Notice when you take an easy backswing that it becomes easier to fully rotate and place most of your body weight onto your back leg. You will then be able to shift your weight and brace your it onto your forward heel during the downswing for a powerful acceleration.

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Bill | 7 years ago, at the end of April

I do all those things. Thanks! Very useful.

Jim Hatfield | 4 years ago, at the start of May

I was having trouble shifting my weight, mistaking a swaying move for the right way to do it. A tip that helped me was one of the instructors on YouTube who said "imagine you have a bunch of grapes under your forward foot and as you swing through the ball try to crush the grapes." I tried it and it made about 20 yards worth of distance.

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