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Bullseye Game


You have a harder time putting while playing in competitions than you do while playing a round for fun.


Be certain that you are not changing your grip pressure or forgetting to complete your usual preshot routine.


Make a game out of putting to practice while feeling pressure to win. Instead of playing out a whole round, have your foursome only practice putting on each of the greens. Every player starts putting from the same location from the edge of the green. Anyone who makes it from the edge of the green gets 6 points. You will get 4 points if the ball stops within two inches of the cup. 2 points goes to the player within a foot from the hole. You lose a point if you went past the cup more than 18 inches and you lose two points if the ball rolls more than three feet past the cup. The winner of the first putt gets to select the next location to putt from on the green. If par is 4 on that hole, you each get to putt from 4 different locations on the green.

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