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Change Your Focus


You have the putting yips.


Try to change the way you think about your stroke because often enough the yips are caused by some kind of anxiety at a specific point in your swing. This will cause a slight hesitation or twitch just before impact. By thinking about another aspect of your putt, it will help you change the way you think about contact with the ball.


Try focusing on maintaining the clubhead along the target line. Set two clubs on the ground. You want them on either side of your target line so that you can move the clubhead between the shafts with about a centimeter room between the clubhead and the shafts. Now practice putting along the path you have just created with just your lead hand. Try it with your usual grip after several practice strokes. If the yips return once you use your trailing hand, it is in indication that you might want to change your grip or putt one handed.

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Gerry | 8 years ago, at the end of April

I was looking at the back of the ball but I found the my eyes were following the path of the putter on the backswing. This caused many putts to just miss! Cure: Look at a spot on the top of the ball and trust your stroke. Use your implicit memory - the same way you drive a car. Unconsious competence.

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