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Children and Practice


You have young children and do not have time to exercise to stay fit or practice golf.


Roughhousing, dancing, and playing interactive video games can all help keep your muscles strong and increase flexibility.


Do not forget how easy it is to practice putting inside and how much children love being included, especially when they are being challenged in a fun game. Create an indoor putting game by finding random toys around the house to putt into, around or under. Hula hoops are a great way to burn off fat, build abdominal strength, and improve your sense of balance. Challenge your children to try to keep the hoop up longer than you. Pretending to be different animals may sound easy to do but can become a very intense aerobic activity. Have one person call out an animal and everyone has to pretend to be that animal. You will soon see how hopping around in various styles is an exhausting activity but will help keep you fit until you can get in more practice.

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Bill | 8 years ago, at the start of September

Bear Crawls and Mountain Climbers, for example, are standard parts of Boot Camp programs and are great whole body/core exercises

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