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Circular Crunch


You slice the ball or sway a lot during your golf swing.


Work on creating a better shoulder turn for a more rounded swing.


Abdominal strength is very important in your ability to make a full turn without any swaying. One great exercise to do that will help you tone the your abdominal and oblique muscles is a Circular Crunch. This is more difficult than a standard crunch and helps strengthen a large number of muscles needed in golf. Lie on your back with your legs bent. Move your back up as if you are going to make a standard crunch. Be certain not to bend your neck so that your chin is touching your chest. As you hold your shoulders and upper back off of the ground, make circles with your upper body by moving your shoulders. At first it may feel more like a square as you focus on trying to move your shoulders to the left, up, right and down but work on smoothing it out into circles. To gain the greatest benefit from this exercise, try to continue to make circles without resting your back for 2 to 3 circles. Repeat it in the other direction.

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