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Clover Lie


The ball landed in a bed of clover.


Clovers can be fluffy and long much like rough grass so treat it like a rough or fescue lie. Irons can cut through the clovers but it will be slick. Choose to use a more forgiving club such as a hybrid because the large petals of a clover can prove to interfere making clean contact with the ball. The larger clubhead might move the clovers down and away from the clubface instead of slicing and slipping through.


You will see extra roll with this lie so select your club accordingly. Set the ball back in your stance and place a little more weight on your forward leg than you would normally do at this distance. Avoid sweeping the ball because it would allow the clovers to block direct contact between the ball and clubface. As you take the club back, break your wrist earlier than usual to help encourage a steep swing like you would in the rough.

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