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Coiled Rough


The ball is sitting down in the thicker, outer fringe and the grass seems to be curling towards it.


Anytime you have a bad lie around the green it is important to remember to open up the clubface.


Try to chip the ball with your sand wedge so that it flies for a few feet and roll the rest of the way to the hole. Open the face and set the ball back in your stance. Place your hands ahead of the ball and keep your hands low throughout the shot to allow you to set your wrist early for a descending blow on the ball. Take a very narrow stance to allow you to pivot your body towards the target as you move through the shot. Put most of your body weight on the target side of your body; so much that it feels as if you are leaning towards the target. Take a short backswing to just pop the ball onto the green. Remember to keep the clubface open and to pivot at the waist towards the pin.

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