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Control Speed


You jab or flick the putter.


Practice maintaining the same grip pressure throughout the entire stroke. Avoid regripping the putter after you set up to the ball. Pace your tempo to help focus on making a slow and smooth swing.


Golfers often jab their short putts because they feel they lose their timing that they have during a longer stroke. This will cause anxiety and an unwanted, unexpected rushed putt. Work on allowing your hands and the clubhead to move in a synchronized movement. A good key thought to allow this to happen is to wait for the clubhead before hitting through the ball. If you allow your hands to rush thought it, you will end up flicking the club. In contrast, other players push the putter though the stroke and their hands are trailing well behind the clubhead causing a flipping up motion. Even though the stroke is short, you can still have a shorter tempo. So work on moving the clubhead, hands, and arms all in a harmonious motion.

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