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Create Pressure


You hit the ball great on the driving range but cannot seem to play as well on the course.


Pressure can take a mental toll on your game as well as create tension in your arms; thus changing the way you swing the club. Sadly, simply telling you to block out this s may not be helpful advice. However, telling you to create stress for yourself at the driving range can work amazingly well. It is a great way to train yourself to play under pressure or even overcome it.


Try to create nervous energy for yourself by creating detailed targets or goals for each club. Go to the range with a buddy and place a friendly wager on these targets. The wager does not necessarily need to be a financial wager, it could be something like not being allowed to use your 3 iron or putter in your next round of golf. Create a little pressure by seeing which one of you can reach a target by using an unlikely club choice or who can hit more balls into the target area. This will also help your game out greatly by helping you practice adjusting the loft, control, and your confidence of using this club.

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