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Digging Duffer


You are digging into the ground before hitting the ball and the ball barely moves.


Check your ball placement because you might be doffing the ball because it is too far forward in your stance.


Pay attention to where you begin and finish making contact with the grass during your practice swing. Use this as gauge to help you determine where the bottom of your swing is so you know where to place the ball. Other things you could look for that may cause you to duff the ball is if your grip is too tight, hands are setting behind the ball at address, incomplete weight shift, or forcing a downswing from the top.

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Bill | 7 years ago, at the start of June

I also have 'challenges' swaying backwards on the backswing, which makes my club come down behind the ball. I try to keep my head still over the ball during the backswing to prevent this.

Crystal | 7 years ago, at the start of June

I have a tendency to bounce up and down when I do not turn well during my backswing. I can always tell that I have done this because I will slam the club into the ground.

Donald | 7 years ago, at the start of June

For me it's weight shift . . . I'm a righty, so when I stay on my right side too long through impact, the bottom of the swing is behind the ball. If I'm mostly on my left side before impact, it moves the bottom of the swing forward and the ball flies!!

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