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You are easily distracted by cars, people, or simple noises on the course while you are preparing to tee off.


You need to find a way to create this same amount of unpredictable disturbances on the driving range or during a practice round of golf.


Train yourself to ignore environmental distractions by having someone randomly make a loud noise during your swing or by throwing ping pong balls near or at you until it no longer disturbs you. Something as simple as someone running into or dancing poorly in the teebox next to you can help you train to ignore your environment. This can also be an excellent location to toss sponges or something soft at you to help you train to ignore distractions on the course. It might seem slightly extreme but if you can train yourself to ignore people throwing stuff at you while practicing your backswing then normal distractions on the course will be far less noticeable. Another possibility is to set your phone or another device to make random noises during as you address and hit the ball on the range and course. Having a familiar yet random distraction will allow you to regain control over your tee shots.

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