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Donate to Charity


You have a lot of time to waste before you can start your round at a charity event.


Hone your putting skills by competing with your group on the putting green.


If you are playing a putting green with multiple flags or holes, play a game about hitting each one in the least amount of strokes. Put in a couple of tees in the green if you need more targets. Use only one ball per player. Have each player keep count of how many times they putt from the same staring point on the green. Once made it to the first target, select a point one foot away from it as a starting point for the next flag. Make a side bet if you want to make it interesting. Agree to donate a dollar for every stroke or every stroke more than the lowest score. Even if you lose, you can say you just wanted to give more money to the charity. It will help ease your pain about losing to your buddies and help you get a better feel for the greens that day.

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