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You become really upset once you start playing poorly and then it is hard to recover.


Do not forget how important it is to practice before playing a round of golf. Even PGA Tour players practice an hour before teeing off in the tournament and so should you. This will give you an idea of your abilities for that day and in the current weather condition and air density. Use this practice session to help you gauge of how to play the ball and which clubs you are hitting well so you can form a better strategy plan on each hole.


Plan on donating a dollar to charity every time you go over par. Do not base this on your total score but per hole. This way once you become upset over your score for that hole, you can find something positive about it. Sure, ideally you want to make par or lower. However, knowing that you are going to donate a dollar each time you go over par changes your focus on the end result and create a more positive energy. You can feel good about it because it will help someone else. This will help reduce the tension associated with it and will likely lighten your mood so you play better overall.

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