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Downhill Hybrid Shot


You have a downhill lie and need to hit a long distance onto an uphill green.


Use a hybrid because it is easier to hit on a downhill shot than a three iron. This will help you get the distance and loft necessary to land the ball on the elevated green.


Get in line with the slope and place a little more weight on your forward or downhill foot. Set the ball a little further back in your stance than normal. Take a couple of extra practice swings to get a better feel for swinging with the slope. Do not try to lift the ball up or you will fall back behind the ball or hit on top of it. As long as you swing with the slope, you will get the loft you need.

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Brian Cox | 9 years ago, at the end of January

The number 5 hole at our local course requires a beginner to lay up his tee shot to a downhill lie just short of a small lake. Time after time I saw beginners top 3 or 4 balls into the water with their 5 or 6-iron before giving up and taking a drop on the opposite side. I cured myself of this problem by imagining that I was trying to drive the ball down and into the water. This created good contact with the face of the ball. It also trained me to trust the loft of the club to do the work.

Denny | 5 years ago, mid-October

Hitting a hybrid with more loft for the downhill lie will get the elevation lost with the downhill lie and still have the distance needed to reach the uphill green. Swing solid, but smooth on this shot and the club will get the ball in the air. http://hittingthegolfball.com

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