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Drawing Mistake


You hook or push the ball whenever you attempt to hit a draw.


Do not try to force the club move inside of the target line as you take the club back. This will cause the clubhead to move behind the hands during the backswing; setting your swing up for a hook. You should also avoid overswinging the club so you can release the ball properly for a nice draw.


Try to keep the clubhead moving back evenly paced with your hands during your backswing until your hands are waist high. You could also focus on keeping your trailing shoulder back as you approach the ball to help prevent an overly fast swing and to encourage the clubhead to attack the ball from the inside.

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r loper | 6 years ago, at the start of March

way too in depth to hit the ball from the inside you must either swing flatter if not you cant it will hit back of ball or far side of ball with closed face to hit draw flatten swing stand a little farther from the ball and tempo is key don't force it you will be too quick slamming the face closed poof pull or hook ingredients just think of tempo slower and swing flatter

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