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Extra Long Putts


You have difficulty with very long putts.


Check your posture to make sure that you are not bending over more than necessary when attempting a long stroke. Slouching can restrict natural arm and wrist movement. When you bend over too much, you are less likely to correctly assess the distance. This is because you tilt your head and therefore your eyes during your pre-swing analysis. When your eyes are aligned this way, it is too difficult to evaluate the distance accurately. This is a sign that you should consider making a chip putt instead.


The longer your putt, the longer your backswing and forward swing need to be and the taller you need to stand. Grip the club, stand, and swing as if you are about to chip with a wedge. Place the ball in front of your big toe on your back foot. This ball position should allow you to hit the ball at the bottom of the swing arc. Swing with confidence and complete your follow-through so that it matches the length of your backswing. You should practice this technique a couple of times before utilizing it on the green.

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