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Fade It Low


You need a fade but at the same time, you have to keep the ball low.


A fade usually sends the ball upwards; so in order to reduce the underspin which causes this loft, you will need an out-to-in swing, a shallow swing arc, and a low follow through. Because this is such a low shot, anticipate for a little more roll than usual.


Take a wider stance than you would with a mid iron and place the ball in the center of your stance. Point your clubhead at the target but aim your feet so they are pointing to the left of it if you are a right handed player or to the right of it if you are a left handed player. Take a slightly stronger grip with your forward hand and a slightly weaker grip with your trailing hand. Choke down on the grip and take less than a three quarter backswing for more control. Your swing should stay aligned with your feet. Keep your hands ahead of the ball and do not break your wrists through impact to help keep your clubface open. If you are successful at this swing, you should cut through the ball and your follow through should be restricted.

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Issy | 6 years ago, mid-November

I'm shocked that I found this info so easliy.

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