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Feel the Tug


Need more leverage and power in your swing.


Create a natural weight shift to produce more leverage and power.


Ask a friend to help you with this drill. Setup as usual and slowly move the club as if you are just starting your backswing until the shaft is parallel to the ground. Have your friend grab the clubhead and try to pull your club away from the target. Try to notice which muscles that are being extended as they tug on the club. These are the muscles you want to gain proper extension in order to gain more power. Now notice which muscles that you are using to resist their pull. This will help you feel where you need to create leverage in your golf swing as you pull to resist this tug. These points should be inside your trailing ankle and trailing hip. Now pull slightly harder and have the person behind you let go of the club. Notice how your weight moved toward the target and onto your forward foot. Your weight will transfer to the leading side naturally when you create leverage and pull the club head through the ball.

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Philinda | 6 years ago, mid-November

That's not just logic. That's rellay sensible.

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