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Fescue Lie


Your drive left you hitting out of very long grass on the edge of the fairway.


Although you probably want to get some more distance out of your next shot, it might be wiser to use one of your wedges to get you into a better playing position. You are likely to get more roll out of this shot than you might expect due to the loss of spin on the ball.


Pull out the club that will give you the most loft and set the ball towards the back of your stance. Place more than half of your weight on your forward leg. Cock your wrist early to help steepen your swing and to help reduce the amount the club will turn in the grass. Focus on getting the club up and down quickly onto the ball at a steep angle. Because it will be nearly impossible to fully prevent the clubhead from turning in the grass, you should plan on the ball flying left of your target if you are right handed or right of the target if your are left handed.

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Barry | 8 years ago, mid-January

Why wouldn't you use a hybrid rather than a wedge in this situation?

Mark T. | 8 years ago, mid-January

Hybrids are great in the rough but in extremely long grass you will want a club where the blade can cut through the grass.

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