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Flare In or Out


You are slowly losing your ability to drive the ball as far as you used to due to decreased flexibility.


Your muscles tighten as you age and will inhibit your turning ability. Although you probably did not need to stretch or exercise daily when you were younger, it becomes more and more necessary as we age so we do not lose our flexibility in golf.


One simple adjustment that will help prevent swaying and encourage a proper turn is to flare your feet out. If you flare your forward foot by about forty five degrees, it will help the forward hip to turn towards the target faster. It will also free your arms so they can move the club without resistance for a more powerful swing. Some golfers find that it is just as useful to turn the toe in on the back foot instead to reduce swaying and to encourage a proper pivot.

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rollie | 5 years ago, at the end of March

want higher loft on hits,

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