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Fly Away Elbow


You are a recreational golfer with a pull slice during long swings and it is not from over swinging.


Focus on bringing the club inside the target line as you approach the ball while keeping your trailing elbow near your trailing hip.


Pay attention to the movement of your trailing elbow during the downswing. If your elbow looks like a chicken wing, flies upwards, or is not near your hip then you know this is a likely cause of your slice. When the trailing elbow is too far away from the hip in a recreational golfers swing, it will cause the leading arm to cut across their chest, causing a pull or a slice. Instead, plan on moving your trailing elbow close and in front of your trailing hip during the downswing.

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12 votes

donald | 6 years ago, mid-January

Love it, tip simplicity is inspiring.

Jason | 6 years ago, mid-January

Well explained; one of the best tips I've read on here.

Rich | 6 years ago, at the end of January

For a right handed golfer, is the "trailing elbow" the right elbow?

Greg | 6 years ago, at the end of May

At the Top of Backswing the right elbow should point down at ground with connection in both pecs. Coming down leave arms behind and drop club behind back. Goal: Right elbow points at right hip coming down. Swinging through throw club underhanded.

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