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Flying Elbow Drill


You are slicing the ball with your irons.


You might be trying to take too steep of a swing. Check to make sure you do not have a flying elbow. This will indicate that you are not extending your arms enough, taking too steep of a swing, or are changing your spine angle by standing up during your backswing. The flying elbow might even give you that you have an over the top feel to your swing.


Work on extending your trailing arm and maintaining your original spine angle during your backswing. Set an extra long tee or stake in the ground about two feet on the other side of the ball, opposite of your address position. Tie a long string of yarn to it. Now tie the other end to the button hole in your shirt near the collar. Set up to the ball so that the angle of the string matches the angle of your club at address. You do not need to make sure the string is completely taut. Swing your iron without coming out of position and the tee should remain in the ground. With a good arm extension, you should not hit the string on your way down into the ball. Continue with your arm extension well past the ball so you maintain your set up position. It will help prevent from trailing shoulder to rising up higher than the other shoulder and pull the tee out of the ground.

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Kerryn | 7 years ago, mid-November

It's spooky how cleevr some ppl are. Thanks!

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