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Forced Weight Shift


You lift the heel on your leading foot as you take the club back and lift your trailing heel up during your forward swing; yet you are slicing or are not seeing the power you expected from this technique.


The reason golfers lift their heels up during the swing is not because this provides power but because their swing is so powerful and their weight shift is appropriate for their swing. Do not simply lift your heels up to look like these players but shift your weight so that you have a swing more like theirs.


Swing without a club to practice moving your weight onto your back foot as you move your hands to the top of your swing. Allow your weight to shift towards the target as your hands move towards the target. What is important is that the heel on your trailing foot should remain on the ground through impact. If you have a good enough turn and weight shift, then the trailing heel will naturally lift off of the ground in response to the leverage created in your swing.

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