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Free Flowing Swing


You have the correct setup, positioning, swing path, and contact along with tons of practice, yet your game is still not what it should be.


One common thing overlooked by golfers is their freedom of motion. You cannot try to control or steer the clubhead into contact with the ball because it will actually create mishits and a loss of power. Now that you know the correct fundamentals of the game, it is time to trust it and relax.


Practice hitting a bucket of balls with your hat or visor pulled over your eyes to take the stress of hitting the ball correctly out of the equation. Setup to the ball with the driver as usual. Remove your trailing hand from the grip and use it to pull your hat down over your eyes. Return your hand, relax your arms and grip a little, and swing. Keep your hat over your eyes for a minute so you do not try to see where it goes. It is okay if the ball is only a foot in front of you because you are simply working on a balanced, smooth, free flowing swing. You might find it helpful to have a friend tee up the balls for you and announce when it is safe to hit them. Do not peek or ask where they are going. Keep doing this until the swing feels natural and relaxed. This is the feeling that you should have every time you hit the ball.

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Scott | 6 years ago, mid-April

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