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Free the Clubhead


You have difficulty drawing the ball.


Make sure you are releasing the clubhead at impact. Failure to do so would inhibit your ability to draw the ball.


Use a stronger grip by rotating both of your hands away from the target to help you draw the ball. Your trailing hand should be turned underneath the grip so that the palm is almost parallel to the palm on your forward hand.

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Bill | 6 years ago, mid-February

I have heard a couple of times the thought: 'act as if you are holding a bucket of balls and want to dump those balls over your front (towards target) shoulder as you swing through'. This promotes bringing the back hand over the top and closing the club face down on the ball to promote a draw as you swing through.

Marc | 3 years ago, at the end of January

great post erin. hope your friend comes home salfey. war is never the answer but hopefully one day we'll find a better way to resolve issues between countries and their people.

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