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Good Putter Bad Chipper


You are great with your longer clubs and putter but cannot seem to master the chip.


Do not try to help the ball up by scooping it or sliding the club under the ball. Hit down on the back of the ball in order to get the proper loft of your wedges.


Since you are good at putting, think of your arm set up like you would a putt. This is because you want your arms to be relaxed as they form a y shape with the club. Players that are good at putting often feel that their arms and club move in unison and this is the feeling that you want while chipping as well. This feeling will also help you keep your forward wrist straight during the downswing. It is important that you hit the ball during your downswing so that you can hit down on it. This is why it is helpful to have the ball back in your stance with more than half of your bodyweight on the forward leg and your hands ahead of the clubhead throughout the swing.

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