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Guiding It


You try to be too careful and hit a push the ball when you are under pressure.


Although maintaining control over the club may feel necessary, do not guide the club or alter your swing in anyway. Doing so will cause you to change how you finish your swing and the direction of the ball flight.


Pay close attention to how you finish your swing as you are practicing. How high are your hands and how far are your arms turned around your body? Check the position of your elbows and the angle of your upper arms. Swing several times with each club and when you feel that you had a good swing, freeze your body at the end to see your arm positioning. Repeat this drill every time you practice. That way when you are under pressure on the course, you can take your practice swings with this imagery in mind. Then you will not be focusing on guiding the club into the ball but instead focusing on completing the shot with the proper feel and positioning.

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