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Hazard Madness


You take golf too seriously.


Try to have some fun out on the course. When you forget to have fun, you will either play the game too carefully or you will give up caring and hit inconsistently. So, try playing a fun game with your group to make it more enjoyable. You might need to take a little time off so you appreciate playing golf when you start up again. If you do take some time off, remember to exercise so you keep your body fit while you take your mental break.


Mix things up by making a game out of the round with a friend. One way to change the way you focus on the course is to play a game of Hazard Madness. In this game, you have to come in contact with two hazards or preselected obstacles on each hole without getting a score that is three over par. Each time you meet this criteria, you gain one point. If you get a lower score for the hole, you gain a point for each stroke you shave off of your score. If you do not come in contact with any hazards on a hole, you will lose four points. Because you do not need to stay in contact with the hazard until the ball stops, you can play some creative shots that may come in handy later on. Tricks to keep in mind while playing this game is how to skip the ball across the water and ricocheting the ball off of a tree.

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Ben | 10 years ago, mid-August

Totally ridiculous idea. Why not try playing a game where you see who can AVOID hazards (real golf). Why on Earth would you start aiming at hazards? I agree with the first part; if golf is not fun anymore then take a little while off and come back strong.

Ryan | 10 years ago, mid-August

I agree. Isn't this website here to help you with your golf game? I don't think telling folks to start aiming at the hazards will lower any scores. But that's just me...

Crystal | 10 years ago, mid-August

I\'ve tried this game before. Trying to hit a hazard instead of accidentally doing it, actually requires good aim. It is a fun way to work on your aiming abilities. I like having to figure how to get out of trouble spots without the pressure of competing in a tournament while doing it. Plus, it is fun watching my buddies get out of sticky situations...especially with the 3 over par limit! They are better players overall because of the game.

Stanley Swingwell | 10 years ago, mid-August

Lowering your score for a game and improving your game for better scores are two completely different things... Good game!

Brian | 10 years ago, mid-August

When I get burned out or see myself taking the game too seriously, three-club golf always helps. It takes courage to pay your greens fee, then take all but three clubs out of your bag, but a few nice things happen. First, I am usually surprised at how little my score changes. Second, I'm not attached to the outcome of the round - just each shot. I always have a great time figuring how to putt with my driver or the blade of my wedge, and I definitely gain new skills as I experiment with ball position, club loft, stance, grip, and course management. Best of all, my buddies can get a few good laughs while I hone my skills for the real thing. Last word - aiming at hazards is no different than young Tiger Woods hitting flop shots over his mom's crystal on the living room floor. Tell HIM it won't lower your score!

Jane | 7 years ago, mid-November

I can't believe you're not plyiang with me--that was so helpful.

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