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Head Movement


You look up too soon to see where the ball is going or try to keep your head perfectly still.


Do not look up at the ball until you complete the swing; if you do, you are likely to slice or pull the ball. A little head movement during your swing is natural due to the way your neck and shoulders move away and towards the target. Once your swing is complete, your head will naturally turn towards the target then you can watch the ball. If you try too hard to keep your head down, you might not make a full shoulder turn. You might even notice some swaying because you prevented your forward shoulder from moving under your chin because it was resting on your chest.


Look at the ball, keep your chin off of your chest, and take a normal swing. Your forward shoulder should move under your chin during the backswing if you make a full shoulder turn. Notice how your trailing shoulder passes under your chin during the follow through. Let this motion push your head up to look at the target as your arms are completing the swing.

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Bill Castner | 10 years ago, at the end of November

If your head moves during the swing it will tend to change the clubhead arc. This makes solid impact very difficult. Why allow the head to move during the swing if it is possible to keep it still? Moving the head complicates the swing. If the head is moving the golfer probably has a posture (address position), a balance, or a flexibility issue. As stated, keep that head high and look at the ball. Specifically, look at the inside of the ball. For a right handed golfer it is very important to look at the lower-left -quadrant of the golf ball!

Bill Williams | 10 years ago, at the end of November

I think the point of this tip is to prevent the premature head movement most golfers experience trying to track the ball flight before it has left the clubface. Allowing your head to lift naturally as your torso and shoulders complete the turn of the follow-through makes perfect sense. As for head movement during the swing, there are so many conflicting schools of thought on this that I'd leave it up to the individual golfer to decide what works best for them. Personally I move my head behind the ball during drives to get some extra power out of my swing.

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