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High Trajectory Hardpan


The ball landed in the short grass but the ground is incredibly hard.


The bounce of the club will make it bounce into the ball and many players have difficulty with hardpan shots because of this. However, there is not as much bounce out at the end of the toe of the club; so try hitting more with the toe.


Set your hands high with the face open to help get the toe down into the ground and the heel up. Use a normal swing length for the distance of the shot.

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Roy Hooper | 9 years ago, mid-September

One other choice you might look at is a little bump and run shot. There is a lower chance of failure. With the bump and run even a slightly missed shot is better than a bladed rocket shot. But if you can only hit a high lob, the toe shot is a very good way to pull it off. In saying that, it's a shot you will have to practice to become consistant.

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