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Hitting Around Trees


Obstacles such as trees or tall bushes are preventing a clear shot.


You need to decide whether to go over it, make a short hit to the side to go around it, or punch a shot below it.


If you want to try to hit over the obstacle, gain loft by placing the ball forward in your stance with an open clubface. Put most of your weight onto your back foot. Place your hands so that they are slightly behind the ball. Make a full backswing while hinging your wrist quickly. You will want to see the logo on the back of your glove pointing towards the sky at impact. Be sure to finish with a high follow through. If you want to hit the ball below the obstacle, use a long iron for less loft. Choke down on the grip. Place the ball in the middle of your stance and keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Place the majority of your weight on your forward leg. Make a sweeping motion through the ball and try not to cock your wrists.

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