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Hitting it Fat or Popups


You are hitting fat shots or seeing popups and tend to have reverse pivot during your swing.


Focus on shifting your weight back onto your trailing leg during the backswing and onto your forward leg as you begin you forward swing. If you fail to shift your body weight back during your backswing can cause two swing errors. It can cause you to almost lunge towards or scoop at the ball during your forward swing. The other possibility is that you create such a steep swing that the ball pops up and could cause damage on the crown of your club.


Sometimes a weight shift does not seem obvious for recreational golfers. Use training tools to help you feel this weight shift. Balance boards or balance discs can help you experience the weight shift. You can play games on the Wii Fit balance board that can help you become more aware of your weight distribution on each leg by playing several games, including a simulation of a driving range.

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