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Hitting off of the Heel


You might be attempting to aim right of the target but find yourself heeling the ball or are shanking the ball with flight towards the right.


This is most commonly caused by shifting your weight towards your toes, causing your arms to push the club away from your body. Another possible cause is from raising your body at the midpoint of your swing then trying to pull the club down for a shallower downswing. If you notice that your back elbow is pushing into your hip, do not allow yourself to violently pull the club down with your hands in attempt to shallow out your downswing. Instead, try to allow your lower body lead the downswing and this will pull your upper body down so the center of the clubface will make contact with the ball instead of the heel of the club.


Focus on placing more of your body weight onto your heels while you swing. A good drill to help break you of the habit of hitting off of the heel of the club is to practice hitting off of a sidehill lie so that the ball is above your feet. The toe of the club will lead the club at impact while swinging on an in-to square-in path instead of the in-to-out path.

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12 votes

Idetrorce | 10 years ago, mid-December

very interesting, but I don't agree with you Idetrorce

nick | 8 years ago, at the end of August

since when does one place more weight on the heels? Who taught you that??? The weight should be on balls of feet and a little to the arches BUT NOT ON THE HEELS!!!!

Ray | 6 years ago, mid-November

I've started "shanking" the ball on almost every iron shot I hit at the range. The pro says I'm dipping my right shoulder which in turn makes me hit with an open face...I disagree. Whats odd, is once I get on the course, I only "shank" it if I try and swing waaay too hard. I've finally figured out my issues. As I come through the hitting area on the downswing, I tend to squat down, lowering my head, shoulders, hands, everything. I guess I'm trying to gain more power. When i do that, it pushes the club head out further, and I catch the ball squarely on the hosel/heel. It's damn ugly, and demoralizing. I've come to the conclusion that instead oftrying to hit my 9 iron 150 yards like I used to, hit the 8 and stay with the swing. In my humble opinion, most amateurs do exactly that...try to hit too little club, causing them to overswing every shot, thus losing the consistency that they desperatley need.

Jahlin | 6 years ago, mid-November

That's not even 10 miuents well spent!

DD | 5 years ago, at the start of April

my problem is I hit solid shots with expected ball flight, but tend to be off center between heel and center when I check my face tape. I have range in my garage. Shot feels very solid and I am happy with results on course. However, in garage time to time it can exaggerate with a shank. I do know I've been working on eliminating a slight over the top hook shot which is my biggest Achilles. I do find getting off the balls of my feet more evenly across my feet helps and with a more center strike as well.

James Diltz | 4 years ago, at the end of January

You might try the ProAim glasses-with the Medicus Speed Meter attached-

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