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You keep hitting to the left or right and you know the clubface is square at impact.


The simplest thing to do first is to look at the basics and then worry about possible swing errors. Use a club to check the aim of your feet, hips, and shoulders. Does your body have this same alignment at impact?


Pay attention to your swing path to see if this has changed. Focus on swinging your forward arm down inside the path of your backswing. This will give you the feeling of the proper swing path. You can also practice this feeling at home without a club. Swing your forward arm back and return it down inside your backswing path. Try it inside a doorway without a club with your forward hand near the door jamb. This will allow you to swing your forward arm straight back and return without touching the jamb. Do it several times before you go to bed, practice at the range, or play a round. Try to create this feeling the next time you swing a club.

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Bill | 8 years ago, mid-November

I'm not visualizing this. A picture would help.

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