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How to Play in the Wind


Wind picks up your ball for unpredictable ball flight.


Once you have committed yourself to playing on a windy day, do not allow it to psych you out. You are there to have fun so just take notice where the wind is blowing and play with it. Take note that most tips for any directional wind play recommend that you choke down on the grip and take a three quarter swing for more control.


When the wind is blowing at your back, place the ball forward in your stance, and tee up higher than normal to allow the wind to carry the ball further. Many golfers will use a 3 wood instead of a driver for better loft to get the ball up higher for the wind to carry it further. If the wind is blowing towards your face, you will need to club up, widen your stance a little, and keep your hands ahead of the ball throughout the swing. If the wind is blowing from left to right, aim several yards left of the target and set up with a closed face and stance. If the wind is blowing from right to left, then aim several yards to the right of your target, open your stance, and grip a little tighter with your left hand.

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