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Hybrid Setup from the Tee to the Green


A common problem when using hybrids is playing the ball too forward in your stance and taking a sweeping stroke as you would when using a fairway wood. This causes the club to be ascending as it reaches the ball and you will top it. Since Hybrid utility clubs can be used anywhere from the tee box to the green. Trying to find the proper setup and stance for each position can be difficult.


A hybrid is actually considered a replacement for an iron not a fairway wood, so be sure to take descending swing as you would when using an iron. Hybrids were originally designed for people with slower swing speeds, so they can gain the same distances as their counterparts but will less effort. They work best when you maintain a smooth tempo instead of trying to produce a powerful shot as you would with a driver. Even if you miss hit the ball, you should notice that hybrid also offers more forgiveness than any other club in your bag.


When you are on the tee box, be sure to tee the ball low and a little forward of the center of your stance. Set up closer to the ball than you would a driver, almost as if you are using a long iron. Take a full swing and complete your follow through. For fairway shots using a 3 or a 4 hybrid, position the ball closer to the center of your stance, and come down on it like you would a 3 iron or a 4 iron. Bring the club back low and make a smooth turn. On your downswing, take a swing that almost feels as if you sweeping down on the ball and you will probably take a small divot. When hitting from the rough, place the ball in the center of your stance and take a three quarter of a backswing while maintaining a smooth follow through. You can also use a hybrid during a trapped iron shot instead of using a long iron or a chipping wedge. Keep your wrists fairly straight and swing slightly downward to ensure the ball will stay low to the ground but it should be just enough to make it over the fringe. When you are on the apron of the green, swing the club a little more like you would when using a putter. From the fairway bunker, dig your feet into the sand and play the ball from the back side of the center of your stance. Your stance and swing should be similar to using a putter except it should be a little faster with a more complete follow through.

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G | 8 years ago, at the end of September

Don't lift arms and head going back. Going back low and slow thumbs up-keep arms in front of chest- coming down keep shoulders back turn hands down-thumbs down- swing to a full finish. Maintain posture throughout swing. Stay tall.

Craig Dennis | 6 years ago, mid-April

Hybrids should be so simple to hit but I find that I miscue the ball quite frequently, off the toe with a radical cut, straight right as if I am hitting the ball with an open face, a hook shot as if I am playing around my body or sraight up in the air out of the rough as I seem to go under the ball. I also find it difficult to take a divot. I really am confused by these a hydrids. My swing is slow, I would guess under 85mph and I play with Adams Golf Idea A3OS clubs. Distance is becoming an increasing problem as well.

Stephen | 4 years ago, at the end of February

You are right on with your advice. To those that claim they cannot hit a hybrid, they need to read and use your info. I use one from tee to green (other than a short chip/pitch) and have had good results, if I do my part. A four hybrid will get you 200 plus yards with a good basic swing (hit down on the ball like an iron and don't try to kill it. the club will do it all). Thanks Stephen

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