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In Greenside Water


Your ball is partially submerged in water near the green.


Since the ball is only half submerged in the water, do not take a drop if you can safely make contact with the ball. You will be unnecessarily adding an extra stroke to your game without any advantage. You should try blasting the ball out of the water using a sand wedge. Please note that you will be far less likely to successfully achieve this shot if more than half of the ball is under water due to the way light is refracted in the water.


You need to find stable footing and ensure that there are not any rocks blocking your path to make contact with the ball during your downswing. Place the ball an inch in front of the center of your stance. Most of your weight should be on your forward leg. You will suffer a stroke penalty if you make contact with the water with your clubhead before your swing. So take the clubhead about two inches above the water with a slightly open clubface. Swing the club up with your arms as you keep your head as still as possible. Your downswing should be very forceful and steep. Contact the water about two inches behind the ball as you allow the leading edge of the wedge to cut through the water to help the clubface move under the ball.

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