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Indoor Practice


You are unable to play golf due to weather conditions.


Keep your game fresh by exercising, stretching, and swinging indoors without a club.


If you have crumpled wrapping paper laying around the house or perhaps some junk mail, make good use out of it by crushing it up into a ball. Use a broom as your club and hit the paper with it. Practice creating a nice long swing or a sweeping action with it. What is great about using a broom as a training aide is that you can work on many aspects of your swing. It can help you focus on keeping the clubface square to the target by keeping the broom facing the target in the impact zone. Work on your pitching by holding the middle of the broom handle and have the handle sticking out by your leading hip. Try swinging the broom without hitting yourself with the rest of the handle.

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lorne martin | 6 years ago, mid-January

happy holidays, man are guys lazy on the updating

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