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Inspect Your Grip


You have a great turn and swing plane yet you are not gaining the distances you want.


Check your grip and wrist movement during your swing. Your grip can prevent the release necessary to gain the power you desire. A good release will allow you to square the clubface for flush contact with the ball.


Look to make sure that you are not extending your thumb too far around the club because this will create a weak grip and inhibit your release. If this is the only way you can maintain a grip on the club, you might need a larger grip. Hold the club as usual and look at your top hand. The tips of your fingers should barely make contact with the palm of your hand. If there is a gap between them then you know you need a smaller grip. If there is an overlap or pressure added against the palm then you know you need to buy a larger grip. If the grip size is not an issue try the rubber band drill. Place a rubber band around your index finger and thumb then grip the golf club. Practice swinging the club to help you to feel how you should reduce the amount of space being used on the grip.

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