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Killer Wind


You play horrible on windy days.


Do not allow the wind destroy your day. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your strategy and recovery skills. Remember, the most important thing about playing golf is to have fun!


Although you will want to keep the ball low for most shots, there are times when you can plan on using the wind to your advantage and allow a higher shot. Let it rip any time the wind is blowing towards the flag or against your back. Tee the ball higher and a little more forward in your stance to help encourage a higher ball flight. You could also use a three wood to help for more loft. Regardless of the direction of the wind, it would be smart to the round with your hands choked down on the grip while using a three quarter swing for more control. Club up if you are hitting against the wind. Keep the ball low by delofting the club, using a wider stance, and keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead from setup through impact. Remember to adjust your aim according to the direction of the wind. If you are right handed and the wind is blowing from the right to left then it is recommended to use a tighter grip with your left hand. For a left handed player, it is recommended that they use a tighter grip with their right hand if the wind is blowing from the left to right.

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