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Langer Grip


You have the putting yips.


Try using the grip popularized by Bernhard Langer to help you regain control over your putting stroke. This is helpful because the movement of the shoulders power the stroke and not the hands or wrist.


It is very common for a player with the yips to have the smaller muscles in their hands to react or twitch just before impact, especially so with their leading hand. The Langer grip is where the leading hand is placed so low on the putter that the forearm and wrist is pressed straight against the shaft of the putter. Some players choose to also point their thumb or index finger down the shaft as well. Then use your trailing hand to grip the club higher up, so that your thumb is holding or pressing against the leading wrist. Now think of your club, arms, and shoulders as one solid unit as you rock your shoulders to control the length and speed of your stroke.

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