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Learning Something New


You play horribly every time you try to learn a new swing technique or adjustment that you know will help you play better in the future.


Consult a golf professional about these swing changes to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your swing style.


Tension will kill even the best swings and will often make you feel almost robotic in every step of your swing. You will not really be able to tell if the adjustment is right for you until you relax your arms and body for a natural swing movement to occur. To help you take the stress out of hitting the ball, eliminate the ball from the equation. Practice your swing without the ball until the motion feels natural to you. Practice using something other than a golf club or without anything in your hands if your new swing still feels mechanical to you as you rehearse it.

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Michael Henry | 8 years ago, at the start of August

Try doing what I do. Swing with your eyes closed. What ball? It is an excellent way to focus on feeling the swing.Then you can open your eyes and swing the feel. I am now confident I could play a round with my eyes closed when I swing. Could you?

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