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Lift by Extension


You cannot seem to stop hitting every club in your bag as if it is an iron.


Although hitting down on your irons is ideal; you want to sweep the clubhead along the ground to create extension in your backswing with your woods and driver. Lifting the clubhead off of the ground should come naturally and not a forced movement by your arms.


You need to create a stretching feeling from your forward heel to your forward armpit during your swing. This motion will cause you to lift the clubhead off of the ground and not your arms, giving you a more rounded swing. With the correct level of extension, your hip and shoulder turn will lift the clubhead off of the ground instead of your arms. Focus on bringing your forward arm over your trailing shoulder during your backswing to help you swing the club around your body instead of bringing it straight up and down. Your clubface will center as you give a relaxed swing for a lofted ball flight. Keep sweeping the club along the ground until your body naturally lifts the clubhead during your forward swing.

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