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Lunge and Twist


You lack the yardages you need in your drives or fail to turn during your backswing.


Work on your turning ability by doing exercises that improve your core or abdominal strength and flexibility. By improving your strength and flexibility of your back and abdominals, it will help you create a greater hip to shoulder turn during the backswing and follow through for more torque, power, and distance.


One great exercise that will help improve your leg, hip, and abdominal strength as well as improve your flexibility is a twisting lunge. Add on a side step to this exercise for an additional cardio exercise. Stand up straight with your abdominals engaged or tight. Lunge forward by moving your right foot out in front of you and lowering your left leg towards the ground. Do not allow your right knee to move past your right foot or for this leg to go below a 90 degree angle. Move both of your arms out straight in front of you with your palms touching. Turn your arms and upper body towards the right side of the room. Remember to keep your abdominals engaged during this twist. Turn your arms and chest back to center and then stand up straight. Repeat this exercise 20 times in the same direction. Repeat the twisting lunge with your left leg out in front while twisting your upper body towards the left side of the room. For an additional arm strengthening challenge, you can use a medicine ball or wrist weights.

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